Birk Comet RT

The Birk Comet RT is a centrally suspended lowracer, which stands out due to its excellent aerodynamics and perfect power transfer, as confirmed by several world titles.

The frame, the fork, the rear swing arm and the seat are first-rate and made of carbon. The Comet RT therefore doesn’t need any color coating, as the beautifully laid carbon fibre looks great and gives the craft an elegant appearance. The details also contribute to a unique look. The cables in the frame are for example left bare. But the Comet RT isn’t just beautiful; it’s also sturdy and light. Now there is a mono fork available which allows the use of 20″ 406 rims with a tire width of 45-50mm. Besides that a change of the rear swing arm allows the installation of disc brakes and also the use of 26″ 559 or 27.5″ 584 tires.

The seating arrangement was developed to deliver the best possible power transfer. The relatively narrow seating angle (the angle between the torso and legs), which closely resembles the angle on the normal road bike, ensures a perfect hold in the seat even during periods of great exertion. The seat is tilted by approximately the same amount as in other lowracers in order to ensure good aerodynamics despite considerations of power transfer, but the bottom bracket has been raised considerably. All test drivers (and “normal” racers) judged this position to be extremely convenient and effective.

The sophisticated shape of the seat shell contributes to the Comet RT’s incomparable comfort. The side edges have been raised to give increased support to the back. Various seat sizes are available to suit riders of different sizes and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the customer.

High speeds and long rides on the Comet RT don’t have to be torture on the back thanks to the suspension. The Comet RT has a long swing arm, so that the pivot point falls in the middle of the wheelbase, where the centre of gravity is. That’s why we call it central suspension, because the damper element also works when impacts occur on the front wheel. As well as comfortable and fatigue-free riding, riders can also lean closer into the bend during races and enjoy better aerodynamics as the rear casing is free.

In terms of speed and luggage capacity, we offer a seat mounted rear casing. The intersection between the rider and the rear casing can be individually adjusted to obtain an optimal effect. A 17 liter capacity, aerodynamic, lockable storage compartment has been integrated into the casing so that drinks and luggage can also be accommodated. The latest model features a more convenient placed opening which allows for an additional storage compartment on the right side with a volume of 25l.

The bike’s excellent directional stability is a result of computer-calculated steering geometry. This ensures that when riding slowly the rider enjoys a feeling of security and also eliminates wobbly start-ups. The Birk also performs well on curves. It can be very accurately controlled without the whole bike suddenly pivoting – a common problem for many recumbent bikes.

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Technical Specifications

Seat height 295 mm (incl. seat cushions)
BB height 605 mm
Seat angle 34 degrees
Wheel sizes Rear 28″ / Front 20″  451
Transmission Intermediate transmission 30/44/57
Wheelbase 1300 mm
Suspension Centre of gravity 3 cm / rear wheel 6 cm
Adjustment TL 65 mm / Frame can be shortened
Driver size ca. 166 – 188 cm
weight ab 9.2 kg (incl. pedals)