Luxury Cycling. Get the Spirit!
Discover the new Spirit recumbent from HP Velotechnik.

Indulge yourself with the new Spirit. For too long cycling has been perceived as difficult and stressful. Nowadays people expect more.

At HP Velotechnik, we are interested in the real needs of people when designing a new bike. We start from the user’s point of view—your point of view. We understand you want to be comfortable, relaxed and to have a position on the bike which makes cycling as easy and efficient as possible. You simply expect the same standards of luxury that you would get from other advanced forms of transport. Plus all the fun and benefits from cycling.

This is only possible by starting right from the beginning. For our new 20″ Spirit, we combined a reclined easy riding position with the latest full suspension bicycle technology.

Spirit recumbent
HP Velotechnik is well known for high-end sports and touring recumbents. Now we have applied our expertise to the needs of the everyday cyclist and leisure rider. The result is a fast, comfortable and easy-to-ride machine which challenges convention. Here is a bike to use every day, offering a ride of complete luxury and pleasure.

This model is not available any more! Price for show room bike: CHF 1’100.-

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