Time Trial Machine

Time Trial Machine for BMC

The BMC company, together with the Futec company and us have developed a time trial bike whose frame, fork and stem are produced by us via the prepreg process (pre-impregnated carbon fibres).
We are pleased to have been tasked with building this new time trial bike by BMC – also especially built for Tyler Hamilton. The bike qualified as the world’s best time trial bike at the Tour de France.


Quotes by BMC from a press release, 1 July 2004:

… Even our smallest details such as dropouts or the derailleur absorption are made from carbon. The revolutionary new fork-stem design (patent pending) sets the standard in bicycle technology. In addition to perfect aerodynamics we also achieve the maximum rigidity with minimum weight with this design. The design, patented by us, also allows us to construct all bikes according to individual rider’s specifications. The construction of the saddle is pure genius. The saddle is no longer only a support, but is part of the frame and is cut to size. (…)
We make no compromises during the production of the frame. To ensure these highly complex frames are produced properly we‘ve chosen to work together with a partner who gained his experience working for a famous Formula 1 team in Switzerland. It was only possible to get the bike ready for the start of the 2004 Tour de France due to the close cooperation between our engineering partner, the Futec company and our frame producers at the Birkenstock company. “Made in Switzerland” guarantees not only the highest quality and precision, but also means a shorter development period …

Further information available at: www.bmc-racing.com